Description: GIS student internship (part time up to 20 hours/week) or Coop (full time, 40 hours/week)

Start Date: December 2015/January 2016

End Date: August, 2016

Pay Rate: $14.05/hour

*1 position available

Location: Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Geospatial Infrastructure and Coordination & Iowa DOT Library, Ames, Iowa

The Iowa DOT Library & Iowa DOT office of Geospatial Infrastructure and Coordination would like to host a COOP student who is interested in:

  • Learning more about how well formed, complete metadata can aid the interoperability of GIS datasets, optimize search results for documents, and aid data management initiatives;
  • Learning more about the sharing and preservation of Geospatial Information System (GIS) data;
  • Assisting the Iowa DOT in making current and past GIS datasets available to the public;
  • Learning how the application of complete metadata enables dataset findability and usability for third parties;
  • Learning more about the Geographic Data Standards and their use in Iowa DOT GIS datasets;
  • Gaining hands-on experience with GIS software tools;
  • Adding metadata to digitized documents to be ingested into our digital repository;
  • Learning about open access publications and data management plans as they apply to federally funded research outputs;
  • Working with the Iowa DOT GIS office, Library, and Research Office. The ideal candidate will have most or many of these qualities or skills:
  • The student will also gain valuable career skills, including metadata standards, metadata entry, GIS software tools, project management, digitization, open access, data management, data management planning, bibliographic cataloging.
  • Be able to work at the Iowa DOT up to fulltime from December to August. (Full-time is preferred, but a part-time position may be negotiated.);
  • Have some metadata or data entry experience or course work, or the desire to obtain that experience;
  • Have experience or interest in data management and data management planning;
  • Have interest or experience in open access for publications and data sets;
  • Have some GIS, Library Science, or Data Management knowledge or course work;
  • Be interested in data preservation and/or curation;
  • Have basic office productivity skills and the ability to learn new software applications quickly;
  • Be able to work well independently.


Application Deadline: November 1, 2015 

Requirements: The position is only available to college students whose course of study relates to the position duties.

Equal Opportunity Employer, including disabled and veterans.